Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement in Manchester, NH

Commercial Roof Replacement

For optimal results from a commercial roof replacement for your Manchester business, you've come to the right place. For over 20 years now, John Denisco Construction Company has been the reputable Manchester roofing contractor to contact for optimal results.

When it comes to a job as important as commercial roof replacement, only the best will do. Your roof has a critical job to do and that's protect your building from exposure to the elements.

A compromised roofing system can lead to all kinds of problems, including damage to the very foundation and structural integrity of your building. Let us do our part by offering expert advice and service for your commercial roof.

Do You Need a New Commercial Roof?

One of the things you and your commercial roofing company will have to decide on is whether you need repairs or if it's time for commercial roof replacement. Some red flags that indicate it's time for replacement are:

  • Don't ignore musty smells, the scent of mold, or visible signs of mildew or mold. Even if it's not a roof leak causing the problem, you need to get to the bottom of the issue and deal with it before it gets worse.
  • Damage to flat roof flashing is a big concern. In fact, damage to flashing for any type of roof will lead to serious problems so get proactive about an inspection if you know or suspect you have flashing damage.
  • If your roof's surface is blistered, bubbling, or cracked, are signs of water damage. The sooner you let your roofing expert take a look, the less likely you'll end up with more severe damage.

Want to learn more or schedule your service? Contact the John Denisco Construction Company team now to arrange commercial roof replacement for your Manchester business.

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