Roofing & Siding Services Manchester, NH

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Denisco Construction offers our customers a wide variety of construction services. Although we are best known for our Roofing and siding services in the commercial and residential industry. We can guarantee that our superior service will stand out from the competition. With our years of experience and competitive prices we are ready and willing to take on your next project.

Roofing & Siding Services Manchester, NH


We’ll inspect your roof inside and out to determine if any issues exist that may need to be addressed. Roofing problems can involve more than just shingle replacement, we’ll help diagnose any underlying issues. We find ventilation issues are causing roofs to fail prematurely. Once the issue is diagnosed we come up with a plan and show you the customer our products, plan, installation, and extended warranties.

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We are among the best siding installation, replacement, and repair specialists in our area. This is due to the fact that we stay current with the latest and most energy-efficient siding techniques available. Quality siding begins with quality materials. You can choose from a multitude of siding options and layouts to build the stunning exterior you envision. Included but not limited to adding extra insulation to the exterior walls. This is just one of the added benefits.

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At Denisco Contruction our dedicated team of carpenters will produce clean cuts, tight joints, level walls and floors each and every time we’re on site. We will always produce a sound building that’s level and plum. Our focus is on accuracy. It is this accuracy that produces a solid structure and allows for a smooth transition to other trades.

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Construction you can count on

Building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare! With John Densico Construction Company we stand behind our craftsmanship. We have earned a reputation for being dependable. We will be in communication with you every step of the way from the first day we’re on site until we’ve left you as another satisfied client.

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Windows and Doors

Our Installation teams are fully trained in the latest installation techniques for all of the major brands of windows and exterior doors.

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Our professional installers have experience with aluminum, seamless aluminum, vinyl, copper, zinc, and steel gutters.

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Interior and Exterior Trim

We have experience installing many types of products from wood to composite materials for window moulding, baseboards, wainscoting, or exterior trim.

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Storm Restoration

If you have a home emergency, especially with your roof in the winter after a storm, we will go out of our way to help you quickly and safely get your house back in top notch condition.We have experience in working with insurance companies as well, so if you find yourself in a situation and you are having trouble. Contact us and we can help the process go smoothly for you.

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